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You know the drill. Your kid keeps you up crying all night long. You make an early morning trip to the doctor to find out what’s wrong. You’re hoping that you’re sent home with some antibiotics to make this all go away so your little one can escape this misery and you both can get

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I hate to add one more worry to the already long list of safety concerns for parents, but here I go. The exercise equipment found in so many homes today poses a serious threat to children. I know, right? You finally make a commitment to get fit and now there is just one more reason

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This post was originally published in August 2013  Along with pregnancy comes an overwhelming number of decisions that must be made in preparation for baby’s arrival. If you’ve been to an obstetrician’s office lately, you’ve likely seen advertisements for cord blood banks. What is cord blood? Simply stated, cord blood refers to the blood that remains

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When a child is in surgery, one of the most stressful times a parent may experience is in the waiting room. The minutes that go by oftentimes feel like hours, as a child’s loved ones anxiously wait to hear from the medical team inside the operating room. The time spent waiting for the next update

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By Jenn Gonzales, OTR/L

One of the things I love about being an occupational therapist is using unique tools to help a child reach their full potential. One of those tools that may be a bit unexpected is a swimming pool. The properties of water offer unique benefits, are familiar to children and inherently add the unquestionable element of

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By Courtney Schmidt, PharmD

This post was originally posted on June 27, 2014. It’s summertime. And here in Florida, that means if you’re outside you’re probably near a pool, lake or beach. Because it is HOT. HOT. HOT. My family’s summertime activities revolve around the water: boogey-boarding at the beach, backyard pool parties and neighborhood splash pads. And while

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Category: Safety

By Courtney Schmidt, PharmD

This post was originally posted in November 2014 As we become parents, one of the issues we inevitably face is that of vaccinating our children. For many of us, this doesn’t present a major problem, but for some the decision is fraught with anxiety, questions, fear and uncertainty. With so many sources of information out

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