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friendship_elementary school

I used to think that having an infant was the most difficult time for a mother. I thought once I got my kids eating solid food, pooping in the potty and ready to go to school, that my job would be smooth sailing from there. Pretty sure I was wrong about that one. In fact,

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what is encopresis

From time to time, people experience physical changes or symptoms that they might be embarrassed to talk about. Therefore, they might avoid seeking medical attention and the problem goes untreated for longer than it should. One such problem is encopresis. Encopresis is defined as involuntary passage of feces as a result of constipation. Encopresis is

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parent child conversation

In our previous posts, we talked about bullying and divorce, which are two very emotional challenges that children may face. Both of these topics can cause a child to struggle with ambiguous loss, which is a type of loss that may not feel tangible to a child or even to the adults in their lives.

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what is mindful eating

What is mindful eating? Mindful eating is eating with full awareness; it engages all the five senses (touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound) so we are able to have more enjoyment out of our food. By using all of our senses, one is able to appreciate all the characteristics of the food that is being

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By Jenn Gonzales, OTR/L

One of the things I love about being an occupational therapist is using unique tools to help a child reach their full potential. One of those tools that may be a bit unexpected is a swimming pool. The properties of water offer unique benefits, are familiar to children and inherently add the unquestionable element of

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By Courtney Schmidt, PharmD

This post was originally posted on June 27, 2014. It’s summertime. And here in Florida, that means if you’re outside you’re probably near a pool, lake or beach. Because it is HOT. HOT. HOT. My family’s summertime activities revolve around the water: boogey-boarding at the beach, backyard pool parties and neighborhood splash pads. And while

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Category: Safety

By Courtney Schmidt, PharmD

This post was originally posted in November 2014 As we become parents, one of the issues we inevitably face is that of vaccinating our children. For many of us, this doesn’t present a major problem, but for some the decision is fraught with anxiety, questions, fear and uncertainty. With so many sources of information out

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